The normalcy of 2020 is settling in.

We are “masking up” when approaching crowds, and bathing in
sanitizer. Sporting events are restricted
viewing, and the educational facilities
are on pins and needles trying to
appease the masses and supply the
youth with a worthwhile education.

In the midst of this, there are many
who are in a state of panic, or worry. I
understand. I don’t remember EVER
thinking we could live in a time such as
this. Before 2020, I wouldn’t even
watch a movie that had such
apocalyptic images as masked societies,
or those who refuse to leave their
shelter for fear of a virus. Now, it is
every day on the news, and being shown
in our very own communities!

But rest assured friend, GOD HAS

He knew what would occur in 2020.

He knows if there will be a vaccine. He
knows how many more will contract the
illness, and yes, he knows how many
lives the illness will claim.

In the meantime, we are to be
diligently living the life he has
instructed us to live. Day in and day
out, we cast our burdens on God, for
He will sustain us. We are not to fear
when “life’s ship” is rocking for God
knows how to handle the waves that
seem to take us under. Life is not an
easy road, but we don’t travel alone.
God is with us, every moment, leading
us toward the ultimate goal. We will
spend eternity praising the One who
loves and cares for us! Hallelujah! -rita