As we turn the calendar to a new month, we anticipate the moments we’ll spend with family and friends. The conversations have already begun about how we will gather
“differently” and will we be masked? Holiday shopping is mingled among our thoughts as we wonder, will there be special sales this time of year? Will there be holiday craft fairs? Will we need to shop on line? Alone? 1 believe the frustration of the holidays will definitely be more intense this year than in the past.
But do not let the “hour” get you down. Even through all of the turmoil we are not alone. God has given us a sound mind to endure each day. We can either begin our
mornings with dread and despair, or we can inhale deeply and as we breathe out say “Thank you God for the first breath of the day!” The Bible tells us to think on things that are lovely, things that are pure, things that are of good report. If there is any virtue, or any praise, we are to meditate on these things!
Early each morning, 1 begin thinking of my schedule of the day’s events (those 1 know about anyway). The human side of me wants to be prepared for what lies
ahead. But Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for thee,” and “I am with you even until the end of the age.” 1 want us to remember that we are to be diligent and
good employees, however, our loyalty to Christ must come first. Our thoughts need to be pure and holy. The world is looking for answers in this frustrating time. Will
they see Christ in you? Will they notice a difference between you and others? Thank God for his blessings! They are new every morning. True joy and
thankfulness can be found in His love today and always. -rita

For God so loved the world, He sent … Jesus used our world as a mission field. He came and dwelt among the wealthy and the commoner. He “rubbed elbows” with the meek and the royals. He grew and labored within his culture and served God almighty in word and deed. He was not boastful, yet Christ knew who he was. Christ did not insist on being praised, yet he deserved to be worshiped. We celebrate God’s son, Jesus Christ, at this time of year. Words like Merry Christmas, Joy to the World, and Noel, have a special meaning to the Christian faith as we remember our savior’s birth. … The only begotten Son came that whosoever” would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Today, we need not follow a star.” We must follow the One who taught of his Father, and of Heaven. Christ’s life pointed to a victorious way to live over evil. As the Apostle Paul wrote, we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities. The faith that Christ instils in our lives will help us to be overcomers when trials and temptations threaten. Christ has overcome death! We too can be overcomers, by holding to Christ – at all times – and do not look behind. But look ahead and consider the triumphant day when you too will be welcomed into the blessed presence of God and his glorious heavens that await those who are faithful. Enjoy Christmas – Remember Christ- Experience true peace and joy this “holy- day” season. -Rita