Looking out across the white, snow- covered ground, I wonder about the statement from the seniors who say the ground thaws some every day in February. At this rate, we may need more than 28 days in February to thaw Southern Indiana.

I’ve never been someone who enjoys the cold, or the snow very much. Even though the Apostle Paul’s instruction is to be satisfied in whatever situation we find ourselves, I still yearn to be among those
walking the warm sandy beaches, or relaxing on my back porch while the soft breeze of summer plays through the flowers.

God knew what he was doing, giving the seasons to nature. And as I look at the trees, barren as they seem, I know that deep inside, there is creation of new life going on. And in God’s design of nature, those trees have their limbs lifted to the sky, in praise of their creator.

Instead of feeling weary or burdened with gloom, I too should lift my eyes unto the heavens, because that is where my help comes from. God in his awesomeness knows us by name. He knows our cares and concerns; He knows our wishes and our plans. It is his desire to bless our lives, but it is also his desire that we bless others.

Do you bless others? Is your thought process to naturally give thanks to God? Or do you need reminded? Think of the many blessings God has poured out in the last year. If you are reading this, then you have survived the pandemic!! That alone is worth praising God for.

Give Praise to God for He Hath Done Great Things!! Praise Ye The Lord! -rita