With the coming of the fall colors, also comes that crisp frosty air that sets a pace for the months ahead. As we watch the season roll by, we do so with the anticipation of the holidays that are just around the corner. Thanksgiving is always a major activity that gets a lot of
attention. We scoop it up with a large meal. While we are being thankful for the day, the turkey, or the ham, let’s stop long enough to be thankful for the one who looked through the centuries and saw the need to become a martyr for you and me. Our lives took on new
meaning as we look back where men were before Jesus came to earth to bring a plan of redemption. There was only a hope that somewhere in God’s great plan that redemption could unfold for fallen man. For in the garden where God had place man and given him right to the tree of life, Adam and Eve defied God by taking of the forbidden fruit of the land and rejecting the words of God. Today, I am thankful that God loved me enough that he was willing to sacrifice his own son on Calvary so that I could have redemption. Today, I have a hope and
know that I have been saved from the terrible judgment that was in store for all of God’s creation. Because he gave his life for me and paid my price, I live knowing that death holds no sting, for I live unto Christ who suffered my pain. This Thanksgiving, let us take time
between all the festivities and give the glory to Jesus for our salvation and take time to glorify him for all of his goodness. Let’s place our hand firmly in his and look up for what lies ahead is so much better than what has already been. Jesus has returned to his father’s house to prepare us a home for all of eternity, and he is coming again to receive us unto himself. Yes, we have so much to be thankful for.
God Bless you, and God Bless

Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard






November’s Happenings

Sun., Nov. 3, Time Change! Roll your
clocks back 1 hour!
Sun., Nov. 3, 6 p.m. Missionaries Rick
and Gloria McCartney will minister.
Come, hear how the Lord is moving in
Europe and Wales.
Sun., Nov. 10, 5 p.m. Mtg of the Church
Wed., Nov. 13, Speed the Light Pledges
are due!!
Nov. 3, 10, & 24: Choir Practice at 5
Sun., Nov. 17,5 pm. Mtg of Women’s
Ministry Group (WMs).
Thurs. Nov. 28, Thanksgiving Day!-
Give Thanks to the Holy One!
November Bible Reading: The books of
Hosea – Micah.
Sunday Mornings: 8 a.m., Join us on
88.9 – My Joy Radio Station.


Rita’s Review¬†







November is already here. The
holiday shuffle is beginning to ramp up
in to high gear. Even though we know
there are only weeks left of the year, we
want to take a few moments to reflect
over 2019 and be thankful for the
blessings God has allowed us to partake
I guess the first thoughts that come to
mind, are our health, our families, our
jobs, the food we have available to us.
But do we think about the opportunities
that came our way throughout the
year? Perhaps meeting someone new,
or seeing a breathtaking landscape, or
even avoiding danger that could have
been deadly?
This year, the church has been
reading the Bible through, book-by-
book. What an opportunity! There are
places in this world, where a person
could be jailed, or even killed, just for
reading a Bible, and here you have that
freedom to not only read it, but talk
about it openly with others.
It’s possible, there are places in
America, where you will be “shamed”
for speaking about God, or even
studying His Word, but we should not
be discouraged. We are still free to do
it! What’s more we are free to PRAY
for the people who are trying to shut
down God’s Word. Not everyone will
be open to your testimony, but give it
anyway! Let the light of Christ shine
through you to all you meet throughout
the day. You may be the only “Jesus”
some people will meet. Be thankful for
freedom! -rita