March is a special month. It is filled
with eagerness that touches the lives of
almost everyone concerned. For most of
us, it means that Spring is near. Also, it
means government time is changing our
lives again. For the sports enthusiasts,
the month is known as March Madness.
For others, they watch for the little
yellow lilies to poke their heads up in
the cold. For the Christian, we are one
month closer to the coming of Jesus, in
bringing a rapture to the Church
worldwide. Graves will burst open and we shall be changed from mortality to immortality raised to be ever present with the Lord. While we live in an ever- changing world, there are some things that even the government can’t change. Regardless of the time, the word of God stands true and is unchanging. Those who live like it doesn’t exist and those who declare we don’t need God, or His word any longer, and those who want to pass laws against God’s word, claiming it as a hate book and should be banned from their state, or in fact the nation, are in for an awakening. The power of God is unlimited! His word is unchanging and He is not subject to man’s laws or criteria. He is still in charge of the universe! When individuals feel that they have the ultimate control, they are setting themselves up for some serious judgement crises. March sets us up for a departure from the old and opens the door to the fresh new insights of our year. Easter this year comes at a little later time than usual. Normally this time of year we celebrate Palm Sunday and the resurrection in the closing days of March. The resurrection makes the difference between life and death. Had Jesus never rose from the dead, then death would still be the ultimate end for every person. But today, for the Christian, death holds no threat. For in that I live, I live unto the Lord; and if I die and leave this life, then I shall be ever present with the Lord. Death no longer has a “sting” for the child of God. Do you know Him today? Your Pastors, Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

What’s Happening

Sun., Mar. 3, 6 p.m. Special Concert
with Bryan and Yvonne Hutson, from
Ohio. They are with Rescue Me

Sat., Mar. 9 Chili Supper 4-6 pm. A
fund raiser for the building fund on our
new building. Fee: Donation

Sun., Mar. 10, Time Changes, We
spring forward 1 hour!! Don’t be late
for Sunday School!

Sun., Mar. 17,6 p.m. Mtg of the
Church Board.

Sun., Mar. 17th, 6 p.m. Mtg of DIVAs
who are beginning a new study on the
life of Christ.

Mar 29-30 Annual food and clothing
giveaway and Rummage sale.

Sun., Mar. 31, 7 p.m. Retired US Navy
Commander and Former Navy Seal,
Michael Inhos, from Aurora, IL will be

Rita’s Review

Looking forward to the month of March, my mind begins to plan for outdoor activities. I find myself pausing at the spring flower displays and catalogs. I remember mom loved
the spring flowers and colors. She would call the girls and ask them to go with her to the greenhouses, and of
course to the stores to buy lots and lots of flowers. The girls would enjoy the time spent with mamaw. They would be
the “arms” for her as she couldn’t reach, due to arthritis.
Those flowers would be cared for throughout the year. She would try to save some throughout the winter in her
sunroom, but by the end of February, she was tired of cleaning up after the fallen leaves, and was ready to throw
them out and go after new ones. I imagine today she is enjoying the beauties of Heaven, with those who
have gone on before. I’m sure eye has not seen such glorious colors as we will see when we get there! Oh how I want to get there! A few days ago, I was sitting at an intersection when an accident occurred in front of me. As glass rained down on my car, there was no time for reaction. How
easily the vehicles could have involved mine, and I could have been taken to
Heaven in an instant, but God had more for me to do. I’m still here, with
you, and together it is our job to tell others of the goodness of God, and the
Heaven he is preparing for those who know him. It’s not too late to share
Jesus with the world!             -rita