Looking back over the last couple of months has made me more aware than
ever that tomorrow is in the hands of someone greater than anyone here on
earth. I am glad I know who holds tomorrow. We think that tomorrow
will always be the same. Since mid- March, we have seen firsthand a
complete shutdown of most of the world. Not just a city or government
failing for one reason or other, but 182 countries and counting. We think we
have tomorrow figured out, then we see everything change. Out of the nations,
we see widespread anxiety, people given to fear. Suddenly peace is taken away
and people are afraid to leave their homes. There’s got to be an answer –

THE ANSWER IS: JESUS! He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. When we
put our trust in him, we can have a peace that knows NO fear. He did not
come that I might fear, neither did he come that I live a life in hiding, or of
stress. Rather he came that I could live a long life, free from the effects that the
world suffers. Tomorrow has been acquired and paid for at Calvary. I
have many questions, the same as you, about some of the things of tomorrow,
but I know who holds tomorrow and even though I have questions, I have
put all of my questions in his hands, for I know without any doubt that
everything will be all right if we trust Jesus. The disciples didn’t understand
their “tomorrow” when sitting by the temple, Jesus said “The day is coming
when not one stone will be left unturned”, or that “This temple will be
destroyed and in three days, I will raise it up again.” They did not realize he
was talking about two different temples. One was made out of stone,
the other was made of flesh. But history records that both took place. Friend, Jesus is coming for his church. The dead shall rise first and then those who remain will be changed to meet him in the clouds. Tomorrow IS in Jesus’ hands. Put your trust in Jesus and let him take the fear away.

God Bless You!
Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


Here Is What Is Happening. 


Sun., June 7 & 28th: Choir Practice, at 6

Sun., June 14, Westward Road, a
wonderful singing group will perform
at 7 p.m. Please come and enjoy this
group. Check out their website.

Sun., June 21, Father’s Day! Our dads
will be honored in the 10:30 a.m.

Sun., June 21, 6 p.m. Women’s group
(WMs) will meet.

Sun., June 28, 6 p.m. Church Board

Continue your devotions with reading
the Bible. For June, we are reading the
books of James thru Revelations.

Our radio broadcasts are heard each
Sunday morning at 8 a.m. on 88.9 fm My Joy.

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Rita’s Review

Walking into the sanctuary, the first
time in several weeks, the first person I
came in contact with was dad. With
arm outstretched, I walked in to his
embrace. Yes, I hesitated at first. He’s
over 65, in compromised health and out
in public at a time when every “talking
head” suggested he stay at home. Yet I
thought, this is dad; I won’t pass this
opportunity of a tender moment.

Throughout these weeks, people have
been anxious for many reasons. Not the
least were people who felt alone.
Loneliness can be a tremendous
emotion to deal with. I have used this
time to pray for a world of lonely
people. Prayed like never before to let
the lonely tune into the Word being
delivered by all types of technology to
the masses. It has been such a blessing
to my heart to tune into the worship of
churches all over the nation and the

And to know that our Heavenly
Father is totally in control gives such
peace to an anxious heart. Quarantine
Fatigue is a real thing. But so is God’s
Goodness! One of these days soon, we
are going to see the King! Our
Heavenly Father is sitting on the
throne! One day, his arms will be
outstretched, welcoming us home.
Without hesitation I’ll walk into his
embrace to forever abide in the light of
His love. I hope you will too!