Celebrating 2020, we made it through all of the rain and bluster that took place in 2019. What are you looking for in 2020? Everyone has expectations and things they hope to accomplish. 2020 promises to be a year that will experience major changes. Some years we mark time by just being the status quo. Other times, we go through valleys that seem to be very dry. Then there are years when all the pieces fall in to
place and we walk tall with our shoulders square and a song on our  lips. I pray to the Lord that 2020 is one of those years. That we won’t just mark time, but time will be on our side and great opportunities and blessings will mode12020. In Luke’s gospel 11:9, it reads “Seek and you shall find”.  I believe that 2020 is going to be a blessed year for so many people are calling out to the living God for direction and answers. If you are going to seek the Lord, whatever the crisis, don’t let it break you. Seek the Lord and be an overcomer! Job went down one of those long valleys. It looked like one with no end, but he knew how to seek God. His friends turned him down and for a long way through the valley, his family didn’t appear. The advice of his wife was “curse God and die”; his friends beguiled him and spoke very harsh and hateful words to him, but in the end, God healed his body, gave him insight and the latter part of Job’s life was twice what it was when he lost his
children and possessions. In the valley, Job called on God and God delivered him. Let’s let 2020 be the time when you seek God and his promise. “He that seeks shall find”. This is God’s word for the hour, “Seek and you shall find”.

Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

January’s Happenings

Wed., Jan. 1, Happy New Year! Begin
your year with Prayer and Devotions!
This month, we will be reading the
Books of Matthew and Mark.

Wed., Jan 1- 5, will be special services
for the New Year. The pt_4th will be at
7p.m.; the service on the 5th will begin
at 6p.m.
Sun., Jan. 19,5 p.m. Women’s Ministry
(WMs) Mtg.

Tues., Jan. 21, 7p.m., Annual Church
Business Meeting.
*Choir Practices will be announced
soon for the month of January. Please
check with Rosie if you have any


Rita’s Review

The phone rang early that Sunday morning. I was awake, but not really moving around yet. When the shrill sound entered my world I knew the news on the other end would be something disturbing. The voice on the other end was trembling with fear of the unknown and was seeking safety in their “sea of what-ifs”,

There on the phone we united in prayer to the ONE and ONLY who can calm any sea. We cried to the ROCK of AGES who knows all and to the HEALER who is full of mercy and grace. The situation passed, but it left me so mindful of the fact that we are blessed to know the creator of this world. He is wonderful, counselor and prince of peace! He is the great I Am! In 2020, I believe our motto should be “In God We Trust!” There is no other name under heaven whereby we can find comfort, safety and healing. The news media is filled with reports of evil, and of trickery and sadness. The headlines announce negative happenings in our world on a daily basis. ~
As a Church, as a Christian, we should be actively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! Do not keep such a gift to yourself. Christ is coming! If not this year, then later on, but He will return! Let your world know that they need not fear the future. In God We
Can Trust and be saved!