As I reflect back over the past few weeks, and how our lives are forever
changed by the events that have taken place, I am reminded of what Richard
told me just a few days before he went to be with the Lord. Just after he woke
up, he said “No matter what happens, always remember the good times.”
That is what I try to focus on every day. The goodness of God is all around us.
Richard loved the Lord, his family and the church. He loved the good times ofcamp meeting, loved planning for the festival and he did not mind all the
work that it took to get it ready. Easter was always special. He loved to straw
the isles and waving palm leaves, anything that brought glory to Jesus.
Christmas was lighting up the world for Jesus. Richard could never get too
many lights. That light of Jesus is what kept him going for so many years. The lives he touched, including mine, was made better by just knowing him. John 14: 6 says “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’.” This was the truth that Richard
preached and believed his whole life. I also believe this truth.Let’s all get busy with God’s work and tell the world about Jesus .God Bless You!Rosie Deckard



What’s Happening 

There will be NO Choir Practice, in
Sun., Aug. 16, Women’s Group (WMs)
will meet at 6 p.m.
Church Board Meetings will be
occurring as we search for the Pastor of
Highland Faith. We would appreciate
everyone’s prayerful support during
this time.
Continue your devotions with reading
the Bible. For August, we are reading
the book of Genesis.
Interested in a little income? Someone
is needed to clean the church the 2nd
and 3rd week of each month. Pay is $50
for each week. Contact Judy Shultz if interested.

 Rita’s Review 

The hazy sunshine of August reminds us that the summer is passing  quickly. I enjoy the late afternoon moments when relaxing on the porch, listening to sounds of nature fill my senses with peace. The world is so full of noise. There’s arguing on so many sides, sickness rages throughout our communities, and frustrations cripple the mentality of so many people. We know that the “end” must surely be soon. I’m so thankful we have a hope in Jesus that we can hold on to. Like a steady beam, we can hold to the truths that Jesus declared when he walked this earth. Narrow is the gate that leads to life everlasting, but nevertheless, we know that Eternal Life is available to us. God gave the hawk expert vision to spot his food source from far away. He gave animals keen intuition to protect themselves from the enemy. And to mankind, he gave wisdom, if used carefully, can do so many wondrous deeds. There is no need to spend our waking moments worrying about issues that we can do nothing about.

We need to spend our energy in worship of the creator! A “song in the heart” does not need to be recorded for the masses every time. A simple “song” between you and the Heavenly Father can quiet nerves, can provide a smile,
and can draw souls to the “living water”. Jesus IS our anchor! Hold to him during your turbulent times and find true peace.                      -rita