October 2019










This morning when I stepped out into a new day the sun was coming up over the horizon and the light from it was amazing. I had been out a few minutes earlier and the sky was still dark. We had to turn on artificial lighting to be able to see. Now with the sun shining brightly, I had to pull down my visor to be able to see where to make my turn into the driveway. It’s amazing what just a few minutes can do in changing
from darkness to light. Jesus said if we walk in darkness we could stumble or lose our way, but if we walk in the light we would be able to see more clearly and not stumble or lose our way. He later said, “1 am the light of the world. Whosoever comes to me shall not walk in darkness but shall walk in the light of life.” I certainly want to be able to walk in the light where the darkness cannot hinder. When I visualize Jesus
as the light of the world, it brings a brand new meaning. No longer do we visualize him as just a teacher or an average person trying to get out the good news of redemption. Suddenly his brightness excels the sun’s power and that ball of light that comes up out of the east isn’t needed anymore, for Jesus will be our light all day, every day. Talk about perfect lighting, perfect lighting is on the way. Don’t short change the word of the Lord. He didn’t just come to have change in the redemption plan of salvation. He ascend to the father to prepare for eternity. Christ is preparing for his children a home on the other side of life and a city made without hands where his light can shine forever. A city that will know no darkness. It will be a city 1500 miles long, 1500 miles high, and 1500 miles wide where Jesus shall be the light and there shall be no darkness. Won’t that be wonderful! We hope you will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that you too can enjoy this beautiful city where the Lamb (Christ) is the light!

Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


October Happenings

Fall Festival
Sat., Oct. 5, 11-4, Fall Harvest, Gospel
Music Festival. We will have several
Quartets and special singing groups.
Free groceries, hot dogs, nachos, games
for the kids and a bounce house and
large air slide. Door prizes will be
given. Don’t miss this event!

Sun., Oct. 13,6 pm. Mtg of Women’s
Ministry Group (WMs).

Sun., Oct. 20 Home Coming. Special
speakers, pitch-in lunch at noon. The 2
pm service we’ll have special guests.
(N 0 evening service.)

October Bible Reading: The books of
Ezekiel and Daniel.

October Choir Practice: Oct: 6 & 27 at
6 p.m,

Sunday Mornings: 8 a.m., Join us on
88.9 – My Joy Radio Station.

Rita’s Review.





With October coming, I had been making plans to visit a few festivals, or take a road-trip to see the autumn beauty, then all of a sudden, my plans were derailed. A short stop at the mailbox put those plans on hold. My October had been hijacked! Lucky me “gets to do my civic duty”
and make a call each evening in October to see if I have to report for jury duty. Absolutely NOT what I want to do, but at this time, there is no
getting out of it. My name is on the list, and unless I want a citation, I’d better do as instructed. Thinking about it, I wonder how a
person gets put on that list. I know it has something to do with being “in the system”, and probably randomly drawn, but WHY are you required to participate? Isn’t it a free country? I know there is a list that I definitely WANT to be on. -It’s not one that we can physically see, or even write our name on, but nevertheless, it is very much being created. God in His long- suffering way, is waiting each day for more and more lives to call on Him. One day, He will say “It is time”, and the trumpet will sound. Those whose names have been written on the list will
be caught up to Glory and will rejoice together with Christ and the angels! A glorious reunion that will be as generations will acknowledge one
another and live forevermore. Today, there’s still time to add another name …
Is your name on the list?? -rita

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