May 2018









By now we know that spring is upon Us in full force and that summer just around the corner. Snow is past for a season and certainly I am happy to see it gone. This year as-we read the New Testament through for the month of May, we are reading Galatians through Philemon. That’s 42 chapters in all; less
than 1 % chapters a day. Keep up the reading and in July we will finish the New Testament. It’s a privilege to read God’s Word. Much of the world doesn’t have that opportunity as you and I have. Every week I get mail from some part of the world asking to help translate the Bible into other languages
so that tens of thousands who have never heard or read the Word can obtain the Word of God. What we take for granted many are searching, trying to find the way to God and his blessings. In many parts of the world, the Bible is either banned from being read or is illegal to own. Never the less, God’s Word is going into many areas where people readily accept it. The Bible is the road map that brings us into the presence of the heavenly Father. This year while we are reading the New Testament, we hear the words
of Jesus saying, “1 am the door, I am the way, truth and the life. All that ever come before me are false and imposters (thieves and robbers). All that come to me I will in no way turn away, but will receive them into my graces.” Jesus stands at our heart’s door saying “Come unto me all of you who are
weary, worn and tired, and I will give you rest.” Yes, the road home is through Jesus, the way to God is found in Him, and he is calling through His , word, “0 Sinner come home.” Have you answered that call? If you haven’t answered, please do so today! If you have answered the call, then find someone who hasn’t and share God’s Word with them, that none be lost!
May God Bless You
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


May’s Happenings

Sun., May 13 – Mother’s Day! We will
honor all of the mothers present in the
morning service.

Sun., May 20 – 6 pm: Mtg of Church
Board and of DIVAs.

Sun., May 27 – Memorial Sunday.
Special recognition will be given as we
honor those who stood before us.
Sun., May 27 -7 p.m., Missionaries
James and Letha Turner will be with
Thank you to all who helped to make
the 2018 Camp meeting a success!


Rita’s Review

I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but l have to admit something was posted that caught my eye. It was a story of a woman who told her husband she wanted him to have a “date night” with another woman. After his initial shock, they conversed about who the other woman was and he contacted her for the date. Turns out, it was his mother, who he had not spent “alone” time with in a long time. When he arrived to pick her up, she had dressed in her finest and was waiting for him. At the restaurant, the mother remarked that she used-to read the menu to him when he was young; now he was reading it to her-because of her loss of sight. They talked through dinner, and missed the scheduled movie. When. he took her home, she kissed him goodnight and commented on the wonderful evening. It was the last time he talked to her. As Mother’s Day approaches, give special thought to the woman who raised you. The Bible says to “honor your mother”. Honor comes in many different forms – just do what works for you. My mother won’t be here this year – she’s already spending it with her mother in Heaven. (The next best I have is my mother-in-law who is a fantastic lady in her own right.) But if yours is alive, call her, spend time with her, let her know you appreciate her. After all, she is a gift from God, given to you for a special time in your life. -rita

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