MARCH 2020









March is a wake-up call for spring. The birds become more visible, the grass takes on a new color and the winter begins to move out as the March perennials begin to poke their heads
through the once frozen ground and show the world around them they are still alive. Christians have that same opportunity today to come out of our hibernation and declare to the
generation that we live in today, that we are alive and getting ready to blossom with the word, and power of God. God’s word only needs to be hidden in our hearts, not hidden from the world.
Jesus came and died and was buried for three days and rose from the dead to live forever. Before he ascended to the father, he showed his resurrected body first to Mary, then to his disciples, then
to two men walking home from Jerusalem. After that, he ministered to them as their risen Lord. Just before he ascended, he was in the presence of five hundred who witnessed his resurrection. One hundred and twenty of them listened to the message he left with them and stayed in Jerusalem until the baptism of the Holy Spirit immersed them. They spoke with a new language and glorified God. Truly the glory of God began to flow at Pentecost and the power of God went on to blossom as the gospel spread across the world. God’s not finished yet! He has raised up a church that is alive and well in this twenty-third century, blooming with the power and message that God has brought forward for today’s generation. This decade of the 20’s God has given us a new March
to bloom for him. I abjure every Christian to rise up and bloom for Jesus! Don’t be defeated by the hard soil or be transplanted by the evils of the day. Break forth and bloom for Jesus and let your life shine for Christ. This is our time! Let’s make the most of it today!

God Bless You!
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

What Is Happening In March

Sun., Mar. 8, Daylight Savings Time
Changes. Spring forward 1 hour!
Sunday Evening Worship will move to
7 p.m.
Choir Practice for March: Sundays, 8th,
22, and 29th at 6 p.m.
Sun., Mar. 15,6 p.m. Women’s
Ministry (WM) Mtg.
Sun., Mar. 22, 6 p.m. Church Board
*Continue your devotions with reading
the Bible. This month, we will be
reading the Books of Acts and Romans.

March 27 & 28 Food and Clothing
Give-Away, as well as Basement “Yard
Sale” to support the Benevolence fund
to help the needy. Hours: Fri., March
278-5 & Sat., March 28 8-11.

April has Palm Sunday, Good Friday
and Easter as well as CampMeeting
2020 scheduled for April 22-26. Mark
your calendars today!

Rita’s  Review







A few days ago, my lesson for the preschoolers was about sharing. Yes, you guessed it, the topic was quite challenging to 4 and 5 year olds.
However, I’m of the opinion that children are a lot better at the concept of sharing than many adults are. Sharing of food, clothing, toys, many times are every day occurrences for
children. It’s the attitude for which they are taught to share which can be different from household to household. When it comes to spiritual values, and eternal benefits how do you
measure up? If you are a Christian, then you know that the gift of salvation is more valuable than all of the world’s gold. You know that to live is Christ, and to die is gain. The beauties of this
world are seasonal, or temporary, but the beauties of Heaven will be magnificent and forever. Here, you know sorrow and pain; in Heaven there will be no tears. Here there is uproar
and chaos; in Heaven there will be peace. In Christ’s last words to the apostles while on earth, he said to “go and make disciples”. We should be sharing the Good News of Jesus with EVERYONE
we come into contact with. There will be those who will turn a deaf ear, but many are searching for love, peace, and communion with the Divine Leader.
You do not have to be a pastor, or teacher, to share Jesus today. Share, and reap eternal rewards! -rita


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