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Extended. That’s the word that Hezekiah got from the Lord. Through the prophet Isaiah who had delivered a message to Hezekiah that he needed to set his house in order, that his time was about up. Hezekiah had a horrible boil, one that kept getting worse. I haven’t seen those for several years; they were a very horrid affliction when I was growing up. My mother suffered with at least two that I remember. Her life also was in danger because of them. Hezekiah had one that was fast taking his life and the Lord spoke through the prophet to set his house in order because he was going to die. Immediately Hezekiah turned his face towards the wall and got in with God. Weeping and praying, he
began to petition God to intervene on his behalf. Earnestly he sought God and reminded God that he had lived an upright life before him and that he had worshiped the Lord with a full life. The Lord stopped Isaiah as he was leaving the courtyard and sent him back to share another news item with him. The Lord said “I have extended you fifteen years. You will live and not die. Furthermore I am going to heal the boil.” God said, I’ll prove my word unto you as a sign of my sincerity, I will move the shadow on the sundial 10 degrees.” Hezekiah said it’s a light thing for the sun dial to go forward 10 degrees”, therefore the Lord said” I will back up the shadow on the sundial 10 degrees so that you might know that this is a word from me”. I see so much from our Lord. He sends us the message. He is our healer and deliverer. He is there when we need him. He continues to open the windows of heaven and pour his love upon us. Certainly he is my extension. Whatever your need is today, he will bring you through it. If you will just get in earnest with him now. Certainly, he is our healer and deliverer. We want to join
with you in prayer and I believe that Jesus Christ is your answer today.



June’s Happenings

Sun., June 3, Graduate Sunday will be
celebrated in the 10:30 Service.
Sun., June 10, at 10:30 there will be a
Water Baptism Service. See Pastor if
you want to be baptized.
Sun., June 10, at 7 p.m., Bob Kilpatrick
will minister in song. He has a unique
way of making the gospel come alive.
As he travels worldwide he has shared
this living way of presenting the gospel
to thousands. Please join us!

Sun., June 17, Father’s Day! We will
recognize all father’s in the 10:30
Sun, June 24, 6 pm Mtg of Church Board and DIVAs

UPCOMING: Sun., July 1st will be our
annual cookout and fireworks. Our
church service will begin at 6:30 pm

Rita’s Review








Welcome to June in Indiana! We are in the heart of 2018 and watching the year unfold. So far it has been a busy one, both personally and around the world. We pray for the graduates of 2018 who will have a lot to handle in their futures. It is fun to see their faces:
full of hope and happiness as they have completed 12-13 years of formal learning. So many believe they have all of life’s answers. I certainly hope they have the fortitude to press toward wisdom when they suddenly realize that academia was the “easy” part of their
learning experiences. Many churches still offer an education hour for everyone. Some call this hour Sunday School, some call it by other names. It is so important to continue learning about the Bible and God’s holy ways. The Bible was once the school’s textbook. Though some
think it outdated, the Bible could not be any more time sensitive than it is today. It covers subjects of interest to each and every person. And yet woven in its pages is the most important message of all – God is Love. His love is unending and his faithfulness will sustain us
through the bleakest hour. Our graduates will do well to remember: To Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. Congratulations
Graduates! May God Bless and Keep You! -rita


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