July 2019








In 1776 a decisive victory was won and our nation, after a very costly and hard-fought war, succeeded under General George Washington. It was a battle that shaped our nation to what it is today. 243 years have expired since that treaty was signed. We continue to make changes. Some for the best, and others, we question. However, the freedom that was won then is still holding today. July 4th is the day we celebrate our nation’s independence. These great men fought hard and long to give us our freedom today. They never gave up, even though the way was hard and painful. Just over two thousand years ago, my elder brother brought a defined battle to earth. One that had been raging in the heavens, as well as on earth; one that went beyond
the freedom that we celebrate today. The eternals were at stake. Man was created and given the breath of life by God himself, placed in a beautiful garden to keep the garden and commune with God. He was given the capacity to live forever with God. There was only one small rule that man had to keep: One tree was forbidden to eat of. The other trees offered everything needful to sustain life forever. Even the tree of life was in the garden. However, for some reason Adam and Eve passed the tree of life and partook of the forbidden fruit. Upon their rejection of God’s plan, they
were ordered out of the garden and death came into view, rather than life. Hundreds of years passed until God issued another plan where we could be redeemed. God sent his only begotten
son upon the earth that he could live a perfect life and bring redemption. A plan that if man would repent and call upon God, he could be restored to have an everlasting life. Christ completed
that plan on Calvary when he shed his life’s blood for you and me. Then he received the father’s stamp of approval when he arose from the dead three days later. Today, because of Jesus, we are
not only free, but we have eternal life and shall reside in his dwelling place forever, eternally in the heavens.

Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

July’s HappeningsĀ 

Wed., July 3, Freedom Message: Take
Your Stand (Galatians 5:1 & John

Sun., July 7 Service moved to 6:30 p.m.
After the service, there will be a
cookout/pitch-in supper, complete with
homemade ice cream and fireworks (at

Sun., July 21, 6 p.m, Mtg of the
Church Board and the Women’s
Ministry Group (WMs).

July 28, 6 p.m. Choir Practice

July Bible Reading: The books of Ezra,
Nehemiah and Esther!

Sunday Mornings: 8 a.m., Join us on
88.9 – My Joy Radio Station.


Rita’s Review







Vacation season is upon us! Fireworks, parades, picnics, are everywhere! Boats and RVs are filling the highways. People are on the move (however, it may be to get to higher ground with all of the rain the area has received). America has been blessed. There’s no other way to put it. Our normal is to live in a land with so many freedoms that we cannot relate to other countries whose very existence is restrained. There are some places in this world who limit the number of children allowed to a family. Some countries won’t allow their citizens to travel. And we have all heard about those countries who refuse to allow the Gospel to be preached. Men and women have given their lives for the cause of our freedom. Families have surrendered their children for the sake of allowing them to fight for our rights as citizens. Folded flags given at gravesites seem to be hardly enough remembrance for dreams cut short. As we celebrate this month, let’s remember the sacrifices given that we could enjoy life in America. And as Christians, let’s remember Christ, the one who gave his life for ours. He allowed himself to be the blood sacrifice for our sins. He purchased our
freedom from the grave, and today, nothing can stand in the way of making Heaven our destiny! AMERICA, BLESS GOD! -rita


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