JANUARY 2019!!!!








2019. Seems a little strange to change to another year already, yet here we are with a new calendar and ready to tackle the future. In the Beginning was God. He put it all together in six days. He put together a new world and gave it the resources to develop minerals and jewels that are being mined and pumped today. As we close out the old year, we leave behind some things that didn’t get finished. We glance around and questions why some things were allowed to happen. We live in a world that has taken on the appearance that it is controlled by a few people. Most of whom think they have all of the answers. (As a Christian, we are not interested in their answers.) This world is not a perfect world. However, I know that God is still in control of not only this world, but the
universe, the stars, moons and sun. Life and death are in his hands. And I am proud to say, I am in his hands too.When Jesus suffered, and died, he did so not that we would mark his time
here on earth by his living, but in his death he erased the time line. While many are promoting doomsday, I am looking for an eternity that fills the needs of all that’s living. I am expecting to live forever with Jesus and this great family that I am a part of. Jesus has brought me in and made me a part of the family of God. Today, I am not looking back! I can’t change yesterday or 2018, but I can make my mark in 2019 count for all eternity. You have that opportunity also to determine within your heart that you are going to do your part in 2019 to bring others into the grace of God
before it is too late. Jesus spoke of a greater day that lies ahead. Science looks for dooms day. Christians look for a perfect world edited by God himself!
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard



Jan. 6-13, 7 p.m. Prayer services at the
church each evening except Saturday,
January 12. This will be an hour of
prayer and ministering. We want to
begin 2019 in the presence of the Lord.
Sun., Jan. 20, S p.m. Mtg of the Church
Sun., Jan. 20, S p.m. Mtg of DIVAs
Sun., Jan. 20, Missionary Ryan Elliff
Tues., Jan. 29, 7 p.m. Annual Church
Business Mtg.
Choir practice: Sundays @ 5 p.m.
except on Jan. 20.
*The radio station, My Joy at 88.9 is
broadcasting our sermons at 8 a.m. on
*Dec. Bible Reading: Book of Leviticus
and Numbers



With head bowed, we plunge into 2019! It’s kind of like when you get all bundled up to head outdoors in the winter and you tuck your head against the cold winds blowing against you. We can do this! Look how many years we’ve come through already! This time of year, people are busy putting away the documents for 2018, the decorations from the holidays, and hanging
the new calendars, scheduling appointments, vacations, etc. Because that IS what we do. Sometimes we want to find a good moment, or a good month and fantasize about continuing there, but we
know that is not possible. Life goes on, and we must find a way to maneuver through the changes. So, it’s 2019, this may be the year for Christ’s return! Have you made preparations for the coming King? He came once in the form of man. He dwelt among us and was taken to heaven. The Bible tells us he IS coming again. With that in mind, we must live each day expecting his return.
This Christmas, for the first time, I had to wait to see if my children would be able to be with Ron and I for the holiday. With other families involved now, I knew it might not happen. Then one day it was confirmed that both girls and their husbands would spend Christmas with us. I was thrilled, and began to plan for their return home. Excited and with anticipation I made ready the home. We should be like that every day in planning for our King to take us home to be with him. It IS going to happen! Please be ready! -rita


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