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March brings with it a maze of opportunities, Spring is just around the corner and we are excited about the up- coming camp meeting in April. Rosie and I just returned from a short vacation in the islands where we were privileged to fly into one of the islands where it is very secluded and private. It is an island with a high cleft that separates it from the rest of the island and is only assessable by hiking the 1600 ft clefts or taking a mule. The walk or mule ride is 3.2 miles long and very dangerous. However, there is a private air strip located in the midst of a small area inside the secluded area. We were fortunate that we were able to get clearance to land inside the area by plane and join the tour of the day and meet some of the islanders that had been there in seclusion most of their lives. The dreaded disease of leprosy had caused this island to be picked as a holding and burial grounds for those who had been found with leprosy. 8000 people had been brought to this island by ship and had been made to disembark into the water several yards from shore. Those who weren’t picked up by rowboat had to swim to shore. Many drowned in the process. Sorrow was painted into every part of the island. Because of a young man who gave his life for the cause, a church was erected and Father Damien in his work among the lepers contacted the awful disease and died, but not before a great victory had been accomplished. A cure was found for leprosy and today it has been stamped out. Only five lepers remain on the island. Their bodies are disfigured because of the disease they had. Once on the island, the lepers were never allowed to leave. Even now as we viewed the fields of mass graves it is evident that God gave others grace and mercy to reach them. God in his goodness, is still reaching out to us today, willing to pardon our sins and give us new life. Don’t take your life for granted; it’s very precious. Reach out today and touch someone else’s life
before it’s too late.
May God Bless You
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

March Happenings

Sun., March 11, Day light savings! We
spring forward 1 hour! Sunday
Evening services will begin at 7pm.

Sunday School Visitor Drive March –
April 8! Calling everyone to support
this Drive! Bring Visitors to hear God’s

Sun., March 18, Flying High with
God’s Word – Sunday School Kite Day
– Kite’s will be given to Sunday School
attendees Ages 17 and under.

Sun., March 18, 7 p.m, Christian
Cavaliers will minister in song.

Sun., March 18, 6 p.m. will be the
meeting of the Church Board, and of

Sun., March 25, Palm Sunday

Fri., March 30, Good Friday

Sun., April 1, Easter!!!

April 13 & 14 Rummage sale and Food & Clothing Give-a-way

Camp Meeting April 25-29

The Church is reading the New Testament
Books of Acts and Romans during the
month of March. No special studies, or
exams. Just you and the Word on a
daily/monthly basis.

Rita’s Review

While listening to the radio the other day someone was talking about careers and job titles. They spoke of certain professions as being “Character” professions. They explained that how the person lived his/her life told more about their profession than their actual title. They went on to talk about parenting being one of those character professions. The statement “Do as I say and not as I do” was discussed. From experience, I know that being a domestic role model is not easy. There are eyes and ears around constantly judging whether mom is living the life she has instructed them to live. Do you recognize sometimes that you are not the perfect example for another to follow? Fortunately, we have Christ as our example. We can study his Word, and his life and reflect it as much as humanly possible. Mistakes will happen, but we don’t have to give up. Sometimes we lose our cool and say or act in ways that God does not approve. Recognizing that we are wrong is the first step. We can go to the Heavenly Father and ask him for forgiveness and patience to strive daily to be his blessed child. He is a God who is just and will give opportunities to us to correct our mistakes. We have our families for such a short amount of time. Don’t waste your time being angry or alone. In Christ-like character, be loving and
live to please God! -rita

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