February 2020









February is the transition month of the winter season. Its February that we look for a change to take place in our temperature and get started toward spring. We have had such an unusual winter that I am not sure what we will receive this month. If I could have that kind of knowledge then I would probably be doing something different. Enough about the weather. I said all that to say this: Jesus was a transition person. He came to change an area, one that was doomed for failure and despair. Man was caught in sin. And sin could be forgiven but without I
redeemer, there was no way to be reconciled to the father. And man, even when forgiven, was being sent to a place called Abraham’s Bosom, to wait for redemption to come. Jesus became that link between the law and grace. The law was a killer; no one could keep the law to its completion. When Jesus came on the scene, he brought us from the law to grace. Grace changed our outlook and opened the door where we
could once again be in the hands of the father. Because of the transition that Jesus made, today I am free from the law. I am free to talk with my heavenly father every moment of the day. The transition made all the difference in what life is and what life has to offer. Today, if you don’t have Jesus living in your heart, I strongly suggest that you open the door to your life and let him come in. He is near you today. He said
“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone will open the door I will come and sup with them”. Why wait? We are given only a few short years here to live in the world that was created by God. Many chose to go their own way, walking in darkness that leads to destruction. I plead with you: walk with Jesus and be ready for what lies ahead in the promises of God. Even as we pass through February we look for a better day and as we pass through this world we look for a better day too. God Bless You! Your Pastors, Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

February Happenings

Sun., Feb. 2,10:30 a.m., The Gospel
Servants Quartet will minister in song.
Sun., Feb. 2, 6 p.m., Vernon Bettis will
be our guest minister.
Wed., Feb. 5, 7 p.m. Curtis Pruett will
be our guest minister.
*Continue your devotions with reading
the Bible. This month, we will be
reading the Books of Luke and John.

Fri., Feb 14,6:30 p.m., Valentine’s Day
will be celebrated with a special meal
and entertainment. YOU NEED to
register for this event. The Signup
Sheet will be in the Church Foyer.
Sun., Feb. 16,5 p.m. Women’s
Ministry (WMs) Mtg.
Sun., Feb. 23, 5 p.m., Church Board
*Choir Practices will be announced
soon for the month of February.




Rita’s Review






How often do we see two hearts
tattooed to a tree and assume that once
upon a time there were two people in
love staking their commitment of love
to a special tree? With arrows pierced
through the very heart of the design, we
know that something special occurred.
During the Christmas season, I was
meditating on the love of God and the
wonder of his amazing salvation plan,
when I began thinking about the tree
that had been grown specifically for our
savior. God knew when he gave the gift
of Jesus, the newborn king, that he
would one day be the crucified “king of
the Jews”. I’m sure God paid special
attention to the seed that went to grow
the tree that would hold the beloved one
of Heaven.
We often think of the color red
during the month of February. I think
of Christ’s blood that was shed for the
sake of our sins.
This month we hear declarations of
love from everything to cards, to
chocolates, to diamonds, but nothing is
as eternal, and as fulfilling as God’s
declaration of love when he allowed his
own son to be used as ransom for our
The price was so great, yet he gave it
all: for you and for me, God did not
hold back. Today, he is still giving, still
blessing us! He is faithful to direct our
lives when we honor and obey him.
Give your heart to Jesus and watch him
fill it with love. -rita

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