December 2019









December is the special month that is sandwiched between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It’s the spring board that brings us to a new year. This is the most special one since the turn of the century when Y2K was on everyone’s mind. I had a cap with a meter on it that
started in October of 1999 and went moment by moment to January 1,2000. I wore that cap up till about six days before the new year, then I laid it aside. There was so much talk about Y2K I was afraid it might blow up. Well, all went smoothly and we moved through
that transition. Today, we are only one month away from 2020. I am not looking for the catastrophe of 2000, but I am expecting Jesus to return to this earth to catch away those who are looking for him. For you see, 2020 years ago, he was born in a stable, born of a virgin that had conceived of the Holy Spirit and she brought forth a man child. She called him Jesus. We celebrate his birth on December 25
every year. He was announced to men by an angel band who proclaimed his deity and majesty. A new star was dispensed from the heavens to
aluminate his birth place and to say unto those that saw it “A King has been born!” He came into this world to make a difference in the lives of those who choose life instead of death. He became the link between life and death as he gave his own life at the age of 33 so that
he could conquer death and become the redeemer of all men. To me, December is a special month that is not only a spring board, but the month that my savior was born. I have found that he is a friend that stays closer than a brother and a friend that never lets you down. I
celebrate Christmas out of the love that Jesus places in my heart. Even as Jesus loves each of us, I love you and invite you to let Jesus come into your life while there is still time.
Merry Christmas!
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

December’s HappeningsĀ 

Sun., Dec. 1 & Dec. 29 – Choir Practice
Sun., Dec. 8 WMs will be working on
Fri., Dec. 13,6:30 p.m. Church
Christmas Dinner (pitch-in).

Sun., Dec. 15, Children’s Program by
the Youth “The Not So Silent Night”,
along with other specials by members
of the church. Begins at 6 p.m.

Fri., Dec. 20, 6 p.m., WM’s Christmas
party at Rosie’s house. Secret Sisters
for 2019 will be revealed.

Tues., Dec. 24, 7 p.m. Christmas Eve
Prayer Service (No service on Dec 25)

Sun., Dec. 29, 5 p.m. Church Board Mtg

*Dec. 1-22, Christmas Card Delivery. Donations for delivery will go to the
Building Fund for the new building.

** A Box will be in the foyer for
donations to the Salome Center (gloves,
socks, hats, etc.)

Rita’s Review

Imagine being busy in your everyday
routine, and suddenly you are
interrupted by an angelic being. As an
adult you think, “Yeah I can handle
that.” But what if you were a young
lady, and had your future planned with
a ma_n and all at once, your future was
filled with uncertainty as not only are
you chosen of God, you are also going
to give birth to the child of God! The
scripture is written that Mary
answered, “I’m the Lord’s servant.”
I find myself wondering how she
handled the rumors of the unplanned
pregnancy. How many “discussions”
did she and Joseph have before Joseph
received the dream of God’s
confirmation? How difficult was it for
the families to accept the situation?
Mary was indeed God’s servant, as
she bore the situation with grace. She
loved Jesus from conception and
supported him throughout his ministry.
At his death, she was there, and in his
resurrection, she witnessed God’s
completed work.
The gift that Mary was a part of was
life changing for you and me. Jesus
Christ came, taught of the Father, and
gave his life so that we have an example
of love lived before us. We do not have
to imagine what salvation by any other
form will be. We have Christ’s blood-
bought sacrifice to follow in obtaining
life eternal. His gift keeps on giving. His
love never runs out. His mercy endures
forever! Let the whole earth praise his
name! -rita






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