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December sweeps upon us, reminding us what winter is like in Indiana. We cherish the feel of fall until the temperature drops and the snow dusting starts. Then we chill up and think why did I complain when it was summertime? Oh well, that’s part of enjoying life. We aren’t told what the temperature was when Mary and Joseph marched off to pay their taxes in Bethlehem, but I assure you, regardless of the temperature on that trip, it was not a pleasant one. Riding a donkey for miles and even days, pregnant and miserable, having to go at this time and pay taxes had to be a rough spot in their lives. Paying taxes is never pleasant, whatever time of year it is. Mary was given a glorious award by being chosen of God to carry and to bring forth God’s only begotten Son into this world. Mary and Joseph had a lot of responsibility as well as a blessing. Most of the time we magnify the blessing that they encountered by being endued with the Holy Spirit, yet today we are blessed by also being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the month or year, Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with love and power to live and be a witness of God’s divine presence. While Rose and I was on the Infinity going through the Panama Canal, we knew it was a once in a lifetime experience. It was something that was hard to imagine. It was an awesome experience as we rode that great ship that was lifted 27 feet to pass through the locks and change oceans. Yet when we think about the birth of Jesus, how entering the world in a stable, and becoming the King of Kings, we know he can lift our lives from a life of sin and destruction, to a new level. He will bring us into the family of God and we can become sons and daughters of God. It is for ALL, not just a chosen few.
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

December’s Happenings

Sun., Dec. 2, Guest Speaker in the
morning and Evening Services: J.P.
McCamey from Great Bend, KS.

Fri., Dec. 14,5:30 p:m. DIVA’s
Christmas Party & Secret Sister
Exchange, at Rosie’s home. See Rosie
for more details.

Sat., Dec. 15, 6 p.m., Church Christmas
Dinner, in Church basement.

Sun. Dec. 16, 6 p.m. Christmas Dramas:
Jr Church will perform “An Out-of-
the-Box Christmas”, followed by the
Youth Group performing “Changed”.

*Christmas Card fund-raiser will
benefit the Building Fund this year.
The mailbox will be in the church foyer.

*The radio station, My Joy at 88.9 is
broadcasting our sermons at 8 a.m. on

Tues., Dec. 25, Christmas! Happy
Birthday Jesus!!

Sun., Dec. 30, Testimony Time – Sing
for Jesus!

*Dec. Bible Reading: Book of Exodus



Rita’s Review


This time of year people seem to be on “Hallmark Overload” with the movies; their themes, food and decorations are non-stop. Personally, I
enjoy the Hallmark movies, the Christmas craft fairs, and of course the food. Not long ago, I was “pondering” the season and decided that one of the most important characteristics of the season is sharing. In reality, people want to share with others. Too often , greed gets in the way, and sharing gets forgotten. I’m so glad that God was willing to share his Son, Jesus Christ with the world. He knew that his son would not
be appreciated, and that he would die a terrible death, but because of love, God chose to say “yes” to sharing. I wonder if the color red is such a prominent factor this time of year because symbolically it represents the blood that was shed for the gift of salvation. The color white is also a dominant Christmas color, and can represent the pureness or the newness of a soul when Christ lives within. And
of course, green can represent the fertile soil of a soul who is willing to put down roots in Christ and spread his
love and his Word to others. No matter what time of year it is, we can sing “Joy To The World, The Lord
Has Come!” We can share Christ 2417 with everyone who will let us. This month, share Joy, share Love, and most
of all, share Jesus!!! -rita


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