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August is the month of the year that sort of wraps up summer. The last hot month of the year. Boy after that heat wave we had in July, we wonder if it ever gets any hotter than that was. School is getting ready to kick off again and the gardens are finishing their summer harvest. Many are trying to get in that last few days of vacation while the weather’s still nice. So many things to do and such little time to do it. Seems like the old record, doesn’t it? However, some things don’t change with the month: Jesus is the same every day. While some are promoting products that change or soon run their time table, and are soon forgotten, Jesus spoke to the waters and calmed the sea. When it looked like there was no hope for the Apostle Paul, Jesus sent an angel that stood with him in the storm and told him there would be no loss of life (only the ship would be lost). The storm continued, the ship wrecked and was lost, but all 269 men’s lives was spared. In my own life I have faced death’s chilly waters on several occasions, but I am here today to tell you that He has come through for me many times over. I can testify today that Jesus is alive and well, and stands at heaven’s gate making intersession for his people regardless where they are found. Whatever your need is today, if you will reach out to Jesus, he will meet with you. His word to us today is, “Whosoever will come unto me, I will in no wise turn him away. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find . Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” These were the words of Jesus as He ministered unto His own. Today, we are His own and He stands waiting for you and me to put our faith in Him and call upon Him who never fails or is never late. Don’t wait for September. Call upon Him now and receive as He has promised.

Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

August Happenings

Aug. 1-4 General Council of the
Assemblies of God, Orlando, Florida.

Sat., Aug. 17,6:30 p.m., Ivan Parker
will be with us ministering in song. We
hope you will join us on this special

Sun., Aug. 18, 6 p.m. Mtg of the Church
Board and the Women’s Ministry
Group (WMs).

August Bible Reading: The book of

Sunday Mornings: 8 a.m., Join us on
88.9 – My Joy Radio Station.

Plan for October 5,11-4 Fall Festival:

Bounce house, slide, games, hot dogs
and more! 200 bags of groceries! All of
this joins our gospel music fest.
Everything’s free; Door prizes given on
the hour.

Rita’s Review

A few days ago, I was bent over, muttering from the heat, determined to finish my task of picking green beans in our garden. Mercy it was hot, and all I really wanted to do was get in the pool (and do nothing). But Ron had planted, and fertilized, and God had watered and brought the increase, so there I was, with buckets filled to the brim with some of the prettiest green beans you’ve ever seen. While I was muttering, the thought occurred to me, about the Israelites muttering when they were picking the daily manna God had provided in the wilderness. All they had to do, was
gather it for their daily sustenance and scripture records that they complained. They weren’t asked to plant or tend it. All they had to do was collect what had fallen, and they found issue with that.
(Some things never change do they??) Well, once I remembered the Israelites lack of thankfulness, I repented, and had a different outlook on my green beans. God had provided a great blessing for us to enjoy throughout the year. They are frozen, canned and stored away until the need arises for something tasty. When you are going about your daily routine, look for the blessings that
God has provided. They are EVERYWHERE!!! He is a Good God and loves his children. His mercies are new every morning, and his grace is sufficient for the day. Don’t forget to praise Him!           -Rita

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