August 2018








August has been a month when traveling has been a planned activity in past years. Trying to get those few days left into a little vacation time before the school year starts again. (Thanks to the school boards, they pretty well took care of that.) But over the years there have been some special August travels for my family. The mountains, the streams, the beautiful gardens. Special birthday times on the road that my daughter, Rita, and I will never forget. Life today is what you make of it. Having the shadow of good memories is like adding photos to an album. The
ones that stand out the most are those that you put the most into. Many times, we take those that we aren’t happy with and cast them into the trash, and keep only what is good. Our relationship with the Lord is much like a photo album. It contains the good moments of our life, like when something special was added, and the good times we look back on and wish some of those pictures hadn’t been taken. The Lord
tells us that the things we have said will be shouted from on high. So be careful with some of those memories. The teaching of Jesus shares the fact that when we look on the things of others with envy and want, that we are creating a heart that is filled with envy and false hope; and to look on a woman with lust, is to commit trespass or adultery in our hearts, and these thoughts are as bad as the act itself. So be careful what you photograph in your thought life for it could be deadly. Those thoughts and statements that have been a part of your life over the
years need to be shredded. The Shredder is an altar of prayer. It’s where we can bring all the items, words, envy’s, and jealousies to Jesus
and he will cast them into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered against us anymore. Today, let’s bundle them all together and let Jesus put them in the shredder, covered by his precious blood so they will be gone forever.

May God Bless You
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard



August Happenings

Gaither Homecoming, Ivan Parker will be at Highland Faith Assembly of God Located at 4782 W. St. Rd 48 on Saturday, August 18 at 6:30 pm. Everyone is Welcome to attended. No admission charge, However, a free will offering will be taken. For more information Call 812-332-3707

PRAY: Wednesday, Aug. 1, Please
PRAY for the Lord’s will at the county
zoning meeting. The church’s property
expansion’s future is at stake. We have
tried to meet all of the requirements
that have been described to us.
. Sun., Aug. 19, 6 p.m. Mtg of Church
Board and of DIVAs
*For August, Read the Book of Psalms!
(Congratulations to all who have
completed the New Testament so far
this year.)


Rita’s Review


While preparing for the day, I was listening to the morning news channel. They were talking about summer break ending and how the schools were preparing to start another academic year. There were the usual comments and complaints about the students not wanting to get out of bed of a morning, or how the sports schedules become busier, but what really got my attention was how much discussion was made
about the safety aspect of the schools . Now, there are counselors available to help the students who are worried
about so many things. It’s not just whether they will “fit in” with their peers, or if they will like their teachers,
or make good grades. Now they have to be concerned with the “bullying” variable in the schools. They have to
learn the “exit” route should there be an emergency at the school or Heaven- forbid, a shooting. I’m sure the
parents’ worry is intensified because there is not a lot they can do once the student leaves their care for that day.
As a community, and a church, we need to keep our schools in our daily prayer life. We need to pray not only
for the safety of our students, but for the hearts and minds of those individuals who seek to do harm. Jesus
died for their souls too. We need to try to reach them for Christ. They are crying out for help in a negative way.
We know that God can turn the negative into a positive!

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