April 2019

I suppose if there is one month of the year that stands out to me it must be
April. By the time we get into April, spring has arrived, the buds are
popping out, and the flowers are beginning to make their appearances.
Even more than that, these last several years, I came to appreciate April more than ever as we feature Palm Sunday as the greatest celebration that Jesus had while upon this earth. A time of devotion we have as we take of the Lord’s last supper with his disciples on Good Friday, and then be able to celebrate his resurrection from the grave on Easter Sunday. Why should not this be a special time? Without this, you and I would not have the hope of everlasting life, but would be incased in not only a life of sin, but no way out. Today, many seem incased in bondage. They live a life in sin, fleeing from the way that leads home, insisting on doing things their way. They don’t realize that they are just measuring their days. For judgement is right around the corner and to flee into the arms of Satan is not going to be a time of rewards, but is going to be filled with grief and punishment that will never end. Jesus speaks of a man that had everything. He had the best of clothes and seemed to have “it all”, but one day, he died and when he awoke, he lifted his eyes in hell. He recognized Father Abraham across a great gulf and pleaded for him to send Lazareth to bring some water to cool his tongue for he was being tormented by the flames. He also wanted someone from the dead to go back and warn his brothers not to come to this awful place. It was too late. That wish was not granted. Today we declare: that Jesus is still the truth and the way and because he lives I live and rejoice in his glory. Your Pastors, Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

Aprils Happening’s

Sun., April 14, Palm Sunday

Celebration at 10:30 a.m.

Sun., Apr. 14, 6 p.m. Mtg of the Church


Sun., Apr. 14,6 p.m. Mtg ofWMs

(Women’s Ministries, formally called

DIVAs). They are studying the life of

Christ. Come & Enjoy!

Fri., Apr. 19,6 p.m. Good Friday

Communion Service

Easter Egg hunt for  Children  13 years of age and under

April  20 at 1 pm

Sun., Apr. 21, Easter Sunday!!! Come

Celebrate the resurrection of our Lord,


April 24 – 28, 2019 – Camp Meeting!

9:30 Prayer time with the Pastor

10 a.m. Ministry by Bill and Beth Juoni

from Whitewater, WI

6 p.m. Youth Servie with Jordan and

Kacy Cunnington

7 p.m. Children’s Service with the

Cockerhan’s 2talk4/2 ministry, from

Monroe LA

7 p.m. Adult Service for all with Steve

Bach, Founder of Encourage

Ministries, from Canadian Lakes, MI.

Sat., April 27, Pitch-in Breakfast for all

Sun., April 28, Pitch-in Luncheon 8


A few days ago I visited a ·home of one of my customers. He had recently taken ill and was not able to leave his home. A woman answered the door and let me in to visit and take care of the business that I had come for. During our conversation, I was informed that the woman was his daughter from Maryland. Instantly I felt like I knew her because her father had spoken often of how good she was to him and his wife. Even though she lived many miles away, his love was true when it came to this particular one. I told her that I felt like I knew her because of the many good things her father had said about her. You could see that she was beyond pleased as her entire face lit up knowing that she was loved and appreciated. I came away from that home smiling, because of the love that was shared between the two. It makes me think of another who left his home MANY miles away to come to a hurting world. He left his comfortable home in Glory to live among the broken and sin-diseased of the world. Christ brought with him love, patience, goodness and a desire to see others know his father, God. When God quieted the masses and told them to hear his son, that day, Christ was pleased that his father was proud of him. Christ paid for our sins at Calvary. There’s no need for the burden of sin any longer. Leave it at the cross of salvation, and accept Jesus as your Lord!         -rita

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