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Today we stand amazed as we celebrate the resurrection of the risen Lord. When. I think about ail he went through just so that I could have a new lease on life, I get totally choked up. I believe what I have done for him is so small in comparison to what he has done for me. When they crowned his brow with thorns be never quibbled. When they asked him to give them a sign, he told this generation no sign would be given other than the sign of the prophet Jonah. Jonah spent three days in the belly of the whale before being regurgitated up on shore, alive and now ready to do the will of God. Jesus spent several hours nailed to a hewn out cross nailed there with three large nails then placed in a borrowed tomb for three days. But on that morning of the first day of the week, the Spirit of life went down into that borrowed tomb and entered his body and he ascended from the grave and today he is alive! Yes, Jesus appeared unto many after that glorious day. Also,
he appeared to John with the words “I am first, I am last, I am alive. I died. I came back to life. And my ‘life now is forever. See these keys in my hand? They open and lock death’s doors. They open and lock Hell’s gates” (Revelation 1:18 The Message translation) Today
we don’t have to fear, for Jesus has closed down the space between life and death. He conquered the last enemy that we had to deal with when he conquered death and hell. We want to extend a very special invitation for you to come and be a part of our congregation this Easter Sunday. Not only are we making the special invite for Easter Sunday, but the invitation is open for every Sunday. We want to share the Good News with you! The joy of knowing that our Redeemer is alive is such an inspiration to me that it will make life exciting and worthwhile. Join us in church this Sunday and begin life fresh and new!

April’s Happenings

Sun., April 1 – EASTER!

Sunday School Visitor Drive March –
April 8! Calling everyone to support
this Drive! Bring Visitors to hear Cod’s
Sun., April ~ – 6 p.m. Campmeeting
. worker’s meeting.
Sun., Aprill5 – ‘Speed-the-Light Pledge
Day. Pledges taken for ‘Missions in the
morning service.
Fri., April 13, from 8-4 & Sat., Aprill4,
8-12: Clothing give-away and free food.
There will be misc. items on sale to help
grow our benevolence fund.
Sun., Aprill5 – 6 pm: Mtg of Church
Board and of DIVAs.
April 25-29 Campmeeting. Mornings
with Bill and Beth Juoni; 6 pm Youth
with Jordan and Kacy Cunnington; 7
pm Children with Talk 2/4 and Adults
will host Cliff Adkins from Knoxville,

Rita’s Review

April is here! And with it comes, Easter! April lst is known as the day when practical jokes can be played on someone and still remain friends, but Easter – on April Fool’s Day?? It must be just a coincidence. For our Lord was nobody’s fool. Quite the contrary. He taught us to be watchful of those who would seek to harm us, and to not grow weary in well doing. He lived a life of holiness, and was the example of human-perfection. He was the epitome of love-unending, yet he was mocked and scoffed, Christ’s monumental ride through the streets of Jerusalem was short lived , yet today we celebrate it yearly. With palms leaves raised to the sky, we symbolize the worship of Jesus on that day when the cries in the street were of one accord saying “Hosanna to the King!” And love – 0 what love Christ bad to allow himself to be sacrificed for people who had not even been born yet. Before he came to earth, he knew his life would be taken, yet he yielded his will to the Father and became the blood sacrifice for you and me. And true to God’s Holy Word, Christ did not stay in the grave. No! God would not allow sin to win! That Easter morning, Christ conquered death and became Victor of the Grave, and fulfilled His promise to live forevermore! We too can join Christ! Hosanna to the King! Hallelujah to the Lamb! Christ is Risen! Rejoice and be happy!! -rita


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