November 2018








November always brings us brisk reminders of the approaching days of winter here in Indiana. We begin to think about the opportunities of
Thanksgiving Dinners simmering on the range or in the oven. My mind traces the steps of days gone by when we used to gather at my grandparent’s house. Some of those would run into the seventies and eighties in number. The house was small, and how they fit us all
into the house I will never know. Grandmother had a wood cook-stove which I split many a stick of wood to help fire it. Those dinners were
delicious and those are days which I remember. Today, I look forward to a different future: a great meal with the cookware and service from the highest – when Jesus returns and calls his own unto himself – what a great celebration that will be! The marriage supper of the
lamb. This will be a wedding feast like none other ever experienced. November brings us near the closing of our current calendar year. Could it be that the return of Jesus will be in November? Certainly, it can happen. We could join a celebration that would be for the one who has redeemed us and forgiven us of our sins. It makes us stop and think: are we ready for that great day? Have we “put on the wedding
garment” and is our heart right with God?

The song writer wrote: “I will be somewhere listening for my name, when He calls me, I will be somewhere listening for my name.” How about you? Are you listening for your name? Are you ready for that great day to come? I truly am thankful for all that He has done for me over these years. He has forgiven my sins with a full pardon, filled me with the Holy Spirit many times over, and healed my body many
times. God has given me testimonials that extend from my childhood till the present day. For this I am so thankful. But God will do that for YOU too. He is a Good and an Awesome God! Sing with me, “Give thanks with a grateful heart, Give thanks to the Holy One, Give thanks because he’s given Jesus Christ, His Son!”
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


Novembers Happenings 

SUN., Nov. 4, Time Changes: we Fall
Back one hour. Be sure to update your
schedule to be at Sunday School on

A few Reminders: Speed- The-Light
Pledges are due in November,
Christmas Play practices are
happening, so be punctual and ready
with your lines… .

Sun., Nov. 18, at 5 p.m. Mtg of Church
Board and of the DIVAs
Wed., Nov. 21, at 7 p.m. Pre-
Thanksgiving Service

Thurs., Nov. 22  Give Thanks


Rita’s Review 









As we turn the page on another
month, we find November. Another
month of change as we pull out the
warmer clothes and store the lighter
ware until 2019. My attitude is a heavy
one as I am NOT a cold-weather fan.
This month we begin to look toward the
holidays and prepare for all of the
hustle and bustle of what they bring
and sometimes I think, the idea of
“Thanksgiving” gets pushed aside
somewhat. This month is supposed to
be a time of reflection and praise for
the harvest, for the year we have come
through, and for the blessings that God
has allowed us to partake of.
Many times, in the “fall” season of
life, people begin to think of life
insurance. We get phone calls at work
asking things like “How much should I
have?” or even “Why should I get life
insurance?” Planning for our
retirement, and for those we love IS

always a good idea, but let me tell you
what is even better than Life Insurance,
It is known as Life Assurance – and it
IS Awesome!! While life insurance is
good, and is available to those left
behind, Life Assurance is for the here
and now. God is forever faithful, and
willing to give Life Assurance to anyone
who believes in His son, Jesus Christ. It
has already been purchased for you,
and needs to be claimed. Bless God
from whom all mercies flow! -rita




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