We support missionaries at home and around the world.  Often, we are privileged to have missionaries at the church to speak and share with us the great news of what is happening in their ministry.  It is a great time to meet the missionary and learn more about what he, she, or their family is doing for the work of the Kingdom!

Mark 16:15:  . . .“Go into all the world and preach the gospel. . .”

Missionaries we currently support:

Nathan & Lisa Turney – Asia Pacific

Mark & Anita Van Gorp – Global University

Kim Vantil – Chi Alpha

David & Nancy Weil – Teen Challenge

Bart & Lisa Bagwell – Global University

Alan & Tricia Baker – Belgium

Matthew & Eva Barlow – Nicaragua

Stuart & Wendy Brown – Jamaica

Steve & Bevelry Clindaniel–Native Americans

Russ & Judy Cockrum – Chaplain/Motor Cycles

David & Amy – Sensitive Country

Gary & Lori Ellison – Vanuatu

Richard & Wanda Ferguson – Peru

Glen & Nancy Garrison – Philippines

Herbert & Karen Johnson – Philippines

Joy Team Ministries – Native Americans

Chris & Carol Martin–Middle East & North Africa

Jason & Andrea Morrison – Czech Republic

Michael & Sue O’Brien–Healthcare Mnstry to World

Tanya Shipley – Indonesia

Carolyn Slaughter-Northern Asia, North East

Bernie & Brenda Smith–Togo, West Africa

Larry & Arlene Stevens – Botswana

Chris & Amy Stubbs – South Africa

Dave & Dawn Rose-Indiana Teen Challenge

Evan & Marjorie Paul – Missions in Action

Scott & Erin Pongratz – South Africa

Lorin & Rebecca Harris – El Salvador

Dave & Debra Johnson – Philippines

David & Rebecca Hill – Intercity Ministry

Mark & Judy Hayburn – South Africa

Jeff Alexander

Rick McCartney

Jonathan Taylor – Chi Alpha

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